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Scam Romance Format

A common scam romance format involves the use of stolen photos or a personal profile to attract victims. The photos are often of unknown actresses or models, and the scammers use them to lure unsuspecting victims. Impersonations of US military personnel are another popular method of securing the trust of their victim. These crooks will often send their victims love poems and sex games, which will develop a “loving relationship”. When the victims get too attached, the scammer will propose marriage or even meet in person, just to take advantage of their trust.

A popular scam romance format involves an advance-fee scheme where the scammer demands an advance-fee from the victim to marry them. In some scams, the scammer asks the victim to act as a mule and transfer money from one account to another. The money mule scheme is a common type of romance scam, and it is often linked to money laundering. As a result, victims are often duped into paying the mule’s fees.

Scammers often request advance-fees from their victims. This can make the victims feel like the scammer is desperate and has ulterior motives. A classic romance scam involving an advance-fee scam involves a man who insists on marrying the victim so he can inherit millions of dollars in gold. Unfortunately, the victim is not able to move the gold, nor can she pay the marriage taxes. Therefore, she is unable to inherit the fortune until he marries her.

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